Staying True To You

Staying True To You

The idea of feeling beautiful is easier than authentically owning it.  With so many beauty secrets, beauty influencers, + beautiful people that we see on a daily basis, it's easy to subscribe to the "I want to look like that" group.

However, have you ever stop to think those same individuals wish they could look like someone else too. As pretty as we think she is, when she goes home and removes all her makeup, eyelashes, and that corset that's holding all of her together, she's likely struggling to look at the face staring back at her as well.

Note there's nothing wrong with enhancing your natural beauty.  WE all do from time-to-time. 

As long as you stay true to loving every additional curve, dip, sag, blemish + whatever flaws you have you are still ahead of the game. More importantly,  you've earned the badge of honor that screams " flaws +all, I'm still Beautiful"



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