ABOUT US- Our Story

Silk E Soule was established in October 2020, while writing my book during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.   I had previously supported another small black owned business enterprise, that produced similar products and decided to research how I could formulate my own recipe.  Ensuring only the finest all-natural, organic ingredients were high priorities, as I've always had sensitive skin issues largely centered around acne, eczema, and on-going dry skin.  After my research, I decided on simplicity, all-natural, quality ingredients, rather than over extensive, complex ingredients, that were either harmful or unnecessary additives that did not add significant value to the product, and more importantly, for the overall skin.  

As we began the experimentation process, our first batch was Lemon Drop.  Since that time, this fragrance has become our signature, most sought after body butter in our universal body butter collection.  After numerous body butter experimentation batches, we sought to perfect the fragrance, consistency, and skin's restorative effectiveness.  We decided on the following six simple ingredients: (i.e., organic coconut oil, raw shea butter, raw cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, Vitamin E oil, and Jojoba oil, etc.).  All of which provide a highly effective combination of properties, that attribute to a restorative, daily skin care regiment that helps maintain skin health for a vibrant, youthful appearance.

Over these past two years, we have distributed several hundred samples of our body butter to obtain consumer feedback and ensure we were satisfied as well with taking our business to the next level.  In like manner, after using our own products daily, we are now immensely confident, that the Silk E Soule brand is growing to become a household name. Similarly, a great go-to product, for those who seek refuge to combat dry skin and others who desire to maintain healthy pampered skin.  

As previously noted, in conjunction with working on penning my first book, Silk E Soule was formally birthed.  Unbeknowst to us, our aha-moment came once we realized that the premise of the book is based on my self-love journey and directly aligns with Silk E Soule's promotion of personal care, positive well-being, and internal happiness. A true believer in divine intervention, I knew that bringing both the book and Silk E Soule full circle was not by accident.  It is definitely becoming a match made in heaven.  Stay tuned as the ink is continually being brushed on each page so when the book release is announced, you will hopefully order your copy.   

Thanks in advance for your prayers and more importantly your support in purchasing our products. We currently provide several body butter collections, soy candles, and body oils for purchase.  Coming soon in 2022, we will also launch the following products (i.e., soy wax melts, sugar scrubs, CBD infused candles and body butters, and a host of other well-being essentials that are designed to improve overall well-being,etc.)

We aim to provide excellence in delivery of our customer service as this is a significant staple we want to uphold at all costs.  In addition, providing products that are focused on positive well-being and a lifestyle practice of celebrating and loving your greatest asset, YOU!!



Anita Donaldson

CEO/Founder of Silk E Soule