I'm so thankful to have found Silk E Soule whipped shea butter.  I love the variety of scents and how the product is whipped to a creamy consistency which makes it easy to apply.  I typically prefer citrus scents, but the apricot peach blossom is my new favorite.  Scents are lasting while not overwhelming.  Also, enjoyed the scent of the cherry splash candle.  This is my go-to-place for my shea butter needs from now on.

Amenia Army

Woodhaven, Michigan

I started using Silk E Soule shea butter products last year on both myself and my brother while in the hospital.  My brother loves the Lemon Drop whipped shea butter.  I use this on his entire body.  It goes on so smooth and it just melts into your skin.  The Lemon Drop shea butter works wonders on my brother's legs and feet.  I am my brother's caregiver due to his medical conditions.  He is not able to apply this product.  Therefore, I make sure he gets showered with Silk E Soule.  I kid you not, when I apply a generous amount on his feet and put his socks on and the next morning dead skin just rolls off effortlessly. 

I use the Lemon Drop on his legs and it has started healing his diabetic legs.  His diabetic scars are returning back to his original skin color and subtleness.  My brother loves both Lemon Drop and Orange Crush.   He also likes the Black Tie Collection butters.  This is an amazing product and it's definitely a must have as part of our daily wellness regiment.

Dr. S. Cerrato

Jackson, TN