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Silk E Soule

Universal Organic All-Natural Unscented Body Butter

Universal Organic All-Natural Unscented Body Butter

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Say goodbye to rough, ashy, and scratchy skin and hello to Silk E Soule where both you and your skin can be revitalized again.  

  • HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS: This organic all-natural body butter is carefully formulated to become an essential part of your daily skincare routine.  Simple yet effective ingredients include:  refined shea butter, raw cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, and grapeseed oil.  This nourishing body butter is free from any mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.
  • UNSCENTED FRAGRANCE: Upon opening the body butter jar, take delight in an unscented fragrance wiith all the  natural, yet organic nourishment your skin will thank you for with each application.   The unscented  fragrance is especially formulated for those that may require less, rather than more fragrance. 
  • GENTLE BODY BUTTER: This moisturizing body butter is lightweight and suitable for all skin types. During the application process, the body butter when initially moisturized into the skin has a melted buttery feel.  Within seconds, the body butter dissipates which leaves no residue and immediately begins hydrating your skin.  Benefits of daily use are 24 hour moisturized skin and soft, restorative long term results.
  • MULTI-USE- The body butter is most effective for providing daily moisture with normal to dry skin types.  This includes mild forms of eczema.  In addition, it works great when applied to your skin prior to shaving your facial area (i.e. beard, moustache, and under the chin, etc.), to ensure a soft smooth shaving experience without irritating razor bumps and cuts..  Ladies, this same principle applies when you shave your underarms, legs, and other body parts.   Similarly, for minor burns, immediately rub a small amount on the skin twice a day for 2-3 weeks and you will be amazed how beautifully your skin heals.  More importantly, shea butter exerts moisturizing and regenerative effects  on the hair and scalp, especially those with a natural, coarse hair shaft. This strengthens the hair strands and reduces breakage. Also, being rich in vitamins A and E, it soothes dry hair and mends split ends.  If you color your hair or your locks could just use some major TLC, Silk E Soule butter should be in your hair care rotation. Antioxidants, vitamin E, and other nourishing acids help recover chemically damaged tresses.
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